Popular activities in Finland

1. Mindfulness + Meditation in silence

 duration: 1-2 hour / place: Helsinki or other preferred place. Exploring the beauty of the nature that gives us fresh air, while focusing on the breathing in the LOVE including meditation guidance


2. Helsinki Sightseeing by foot or private car 

duration: 1-2 hour / place: Helsinki or other preferred place, also possible to get a minivan or bus for bigger groups.

Exploring the city of Helsinki with a guide including hidden secret locations, possible to stop on the way. If you have some wishes to see something specific, we will organize that for you. It is also possible to go outside Helsinki and show other interesting locations.

3. Wild food tour in the nature or food tour in the city

duration: 1-2 hours / place: Helsinki and the nature, also possible for bigger groups.

The Nature is full of food and healthy nutrition we can eat and learn from, enjoy the tour with a guide who will learn you more what you can eat from the nature. We can pick blueberries, mushrooms and other herbs and healthy nutrition, wild food lessons are also possible to organize for you.

It is also possible to have a food sightseeing in city and try samples of the local finnish food (additional cost for what you want to taste)

Hiking and wild life safari is also possible to do in the nature. 


4. Yacht or Sailing tour in 1 of the worlds biggest archipelago

duration: 2 hours / place: Helsinki and the archipelago including UNESCO world heritage listed Suomenlinna fortress Island/  

You can explore Helsinki by the sea from a yacht or sailing boat in 1 of the worlds biggest archipelago including 180,000 islands, you are able to go for longer trips also and explore summer cities like Porvoo, Tammisaari and Hanko.

All water activities such as water skiing or  wakeboarding, fishing , kayaking are possible to organize too, kiteboarding or SUP boarding, SUP yoga in Finland also possible etc.


5. Experience Lapland with a private jet, helicopter or by husky safari

Either you want to go for a husky sledge activity, reindeer safari or snowmobile tour. We will tailor made your travel arrangement to Lapland and meet the indigenous SAMI tribe (people) and get to know their authentic culture. It is possible to do heli ski in Finland and it is possible to use a snowmobile as your ski lift when you get the best powder places to ski during your time in Finland.

You are able to sleep in a warm glass igloo from where you can enjoy the star sky and northern lights, or then you can sleep outside or in your own chalet.

We can organize all activities you want to do.

Ask for more details and tell your wishes that we will fulfill for you 


6. Sauna experience tour with a guide 

duration: 1-2 hour / place: Helsinki and rest of Finland 

You can choose from enjoying a traditional finnish sauna, smoke sauna or electrical sauna. It is possible to enjoy privately or in a big group up to 100 persons, depending on where you want to enjoy the sauna. It is possible to enjoy a swim in the lake or sea or in the winter time enjoy a dip in the ice hole or roll in the snow.

Tell us your preferences and will will organize it as you want it, ex. it is also possible to have a massage or do meditation & yoga in the sauna <3


7. Northern lights in Finland and Scandinavia 

During October to April is the highest possibility to see the Northern Lights in Finland. Sometimes you are lucky and you can see the Aurora Borealis in Helsinki and south of Finland, However bigger chance to see it above the arctic circle where Santa Claus is coming from. 

We can tailor make your trip and either go by foot , reindeer or husky to explore the Northern Lights in Lapland. It is also possible to discover the Northern lights from a private jet or helicopter in Lapland.

Magic Happens, enjoy your dreams.


8. Spiritual Finland tour and Finnish shaman healing treatment  

You are able to enjoy a shaman healing where ever you go in Finland. Duration is about 1 hour, also possible to get a massage or do other mindfulness activities in Helsinki, Archipelago, Lakeland or Lapland.

Astrology and other readings are also possible to get or  enjoy an aromatic massage in your hotel room.



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